Mindful Eating Program to Begin at ISU

by Kristen McClure
(CHarlotte NC)



Mindful eating is a great balanced way to change your relationship with food. It teaches you to recognize your eating motivation and why, giving yourself permission to eat whenever you want, but with awareness about why and free from guilt and judgment.

Mindful eating has been used to help chronic dieters and over eaters because the assumption is both have an unhealthy unbalanced relationship with food, whether think or overweight.

Children usually have a healthy relationship with food. They eat when they are hungry and to fuel their body, showing more interest and pleasure in other activities. Something happens along the way and our relationship with food becomes more than one of pleasure, often being a source of shame and pain. How great would it be to be free from the stress that our unhealthy relationships with food cause us?

Another part of the philosophy is that food is not enjoyed when you don't pay full attention to it. When you do pay attention, mindfully to what you are eating, your entire experience changes to one that's more intense and pleasurable and you are more likely to be satisfied.

Practice when you eat a meal, watching to what happens to the taste of your food when your mind strays. You don't taste it all! How many times to we sit to watch tv, or eat emotionally, or while driving or while working and completely miss the experience of the food we are eating?

Food is also not good or bad when you are eating mindfully. You think about your food choices according to what your body wants, and you make choices based on what you crave. However, it teaches you to think about where your food came from, how it was produced and what kind of a relationship you want with it.

There are lots of sites on the internet about mindful eating and they are all worth checking out!

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