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It can be hard to stay on top of general anxiety disorder treatment and research news. Sorting through the best thing to do for panic attacks, social anxiety, or other anxiety disorders is challenging and complicated.  If you are looking for help in these areas you need some guidance keeping up with and interpreting the research.

To make life easier for you, I've set up a process that will automatically update this page with the latest in research news around the world. Each day I read through the summaries of research and news to keep updated on whats happening with anxiety. I think its important to share!

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From time to time, I'll be commenting on the  anxiety  and research items and adding it to my  topic archive. I'm also including commentary from therapists here if they have a particular area of expertise that may assist us in interpreting what this research means!

And, you can even add your own information too. If you see important anxiety  research that isn't included on this page, just skip below the news summary below, and add the details.


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Can we look at babies brains to tell if they will be anxious or depressed later? Not rated yet
The amygdala and it's development has long been studied and associated with a variety of emotional disorders specifically trauma, phobias, bipolar disorder …

generalized anxiety disorder treatment Not rated yet
The Generalized anxiety disorder treatment or maybe (GAD) is a state of mind in which your current problems as well as anxieties happen a lot how they …

2.8 million (11 percent) of Women Over the Age of 59 Abuse Prescription Drugs. Not rated yet
One of the worst things I see in my practice is clients who are addicted to prescription drugs, specifically Xanax. Xanax is the trade name of a drug …

Shaheen E Lakhan, Karen F Vieira, 'Nutritional and herbal supplements for anxiety and anxiety-related disorders: systematic review', Nutrition Journal (in press) Not rated yet
This is interesting to me because my research only showed Kava to be helpful, along with lavender. Of course, Kava can also be dangerous which is not mentioned …

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