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It can be hard to stay on top of Depression cures, depression treatment and research news. Sorting through the best thing to do for different depressive disorders is challenging and complicated. If you are looking for help in these areas you need some guidance

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New APA Guidelines for Treatment of Major Depression  
I have loved treatment guidelines for as long as I can remember! The first week at my first job as a therapist with children who had been abused, I …

Blog: Skype Therapy with Elderly Homebound Adults Not rated yet
Using the internet to treat clients is a relatively new idea. Most professions do not have statues about it and insurance companies will not reimburse …

Prevention and Intervention in Depression. The Indiana State Bar. Not rated yet
An article by John walker in the Argus Leader discusses how the state bar of Indiana provides depression treatment for its lawyers. The program targets …

Depression is often a chronic illness. New Duke study shows half of depressed teens relapse, girls are twice as likely to relapse  Not rated yet
A new study at Duke studied 196 adolescents with major depression. All of the teens whether they received Prozac, Prozac and therapy or just therapy got …

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