Clinicians are not appropriately addressing the needs of men in therapy

A recent study in Australian Psychologist suggests that therapists are falling short in their strategies working with men who have depression. Men respond better to goal directed treatment, where outcomes are understood as are the skills that they are working on to help themselves are clearly outlined and articulated.

Additionally men are responsive to ideas that help them feel they have power over themselves and their illness, and they like strategies to help them feel they are learning ideas to gain more power and self efficacy. They like to feel they are taking measurable action and moving forward.

This study showed that clinicians did not consider these facts, nor did they explain treatment to men assuming they understood it.

Men require a different approach then women and this needs t be considered when a male client is seeking therapy.

Zac E. Seidler, Simon M. Rice, John L. Oliffe, Andrea S. Fogarty, Haryana M. Dhillon. Men In and Out of Treatment for Depression: Strategies for Improved Engagement. Australian Psychologist, 2017; DOI: 10.1111/ap.12331

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