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It challenging to keep on top of the latest anxiety disorder and depression news. Each day scientists and researchers make key discoveries not only in the biological treatment of anxiety  and depression but also in the examination of effective treatment techniques and self help strategies. I’ve been working to try to set up a page that can deliver this information to you in a timely and effective way. I’ve set up an automatic news update system for you here that will regularly update with the latest information.

I will also provide commentary and reviews to help you understand and interpret what is being published.  Here  is also an opportunity for you to provide direct public commentary on these news items where you can offering your thoughts and opinions on the anxiety  and depression treatment news.
And to make it even easier for you, I’ve categorized some of the key topics, so that you can find news updates directly related to popular topics - like anxiety research.
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A study published in May of this year ( 2018) which followed over 300 children and teens from 7-17 with separation anxiety, social anxiety and/or generalized …

Depression in Teens is on the Rise Not rated yet
Columbia University School of Public Health and CUNY Graduate School report that from 2005 to 2015 depression rose among Americans age 12 through 18. …

Clinicians are not appropriately addressing the needs of men in therapy Not rated yet
A recent study in Australian Psychologist suggests that therapists are falling short in their strategies working with men who have depression. Men respond …

Evidence mounts that depression can be treated with different medicines Not rated yet
The first double-blind, placebo-controlled study of minocycline for depression was recently done in Australia. This study added to the body of research …

The Brain and Anxiety: Is there a Worry Center? Not rated yet
Sky news in the UK recently proclaimed "Scientists have pinpointed the "worry center" of the brain for the first time in a discovery that could lead to …

University of Wisconsin study shows those with anxiety have a harder time quitting smoking Not rated yet
A new University of Wisconsin study published in Addiction shows that smokers with anxiety disorders have special challenges which complicate their ability …

New studies published in Neurology show mindfulness meditation improves symptoms in people with MS Not rated yet
University Hospital in Basel recently discovered that a program of mindfulness meditation improved measures of anxiety, depression fatigue and quality …

The Happiness Quotient Not rated yet
In the news this week is an article about, Dr. Tom Stevens , who created a formula he calls our Happiness Quotient (HQ). This formula has been shows …

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