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On this page you can find current workshops that I am offering online or to the local community.

Listening Workshop

July 27th 10am-1pm

As therapists, we like to think of ourselves as good listeners, however, there are many circumstances in today's society that challenge our ability to sit effectively with our clients and provide them with a compassionate, quiet, calm, and non-reactive presence. Research shows the most effective therapists are those that convey a sense of receptive presence and deep listening regardless of their choice of therapeutic intervention.

This workshop will help you identify the obstacles to being a deep and compassionate listener for your clients and your loved ones. Opportunities for break out sessions, meditations and reflections will  help you become a more quiet, intentional and receptive listener, all from the comfort of your own home!

For social workers, this will count as three live CEU's.

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Intrusive Thoughts Workshop
August 3rd 10 am - 1pm

  • Help identify categories of intrusive thoughts
  • Understand why strategies your clients using aren't working
  • Practice roleplays with your colleagues 
  • Understand how the brain works to create intrusive thoughts
  • Learn what strategies to teach clients strategies of mindfulness and acceptance to get over their intrusive thoughts

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Self Compassion for Parents Workshop
July 24 10-1

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