Many women and girls struggle with feelings of inadaquacy, self criticism, jealousy, fear, and insecurity as we strive to meet impossible standards that we have internalized from society, and our families. Often these stressors can lead or to depression and anxiety. 

The truth is, we are in control of our own happiness, regardless of our life circumstances. My goal as a therapist is to help women and young girls become empowered to take back control of their own lives. Your past does not predict your future. You can begin making small changes at any moment that will impact the rest of your life

In the pages of this website, I will share some thoughts, ideas and information that help my female clients with areas of their lives that they often struggle with. You will find information specific to anxiety disorders, depression and bipolar disorder, as well as general areas such as relationships, happiness, parenting, and self compassion. 

You can click on the categories above to find information about strategies and issues within each topic. You can also search the search box for specific ideas that have to do with a topic you might be interested in. 

 Anxiety and depression treatment consists of examining how your thoughts, feelings or behavior patterns, which you may be unaware of, are contributing to your unhappiness. Then, you take the action that is within your control to help feel better.

 Once you begin to  recognize how  unconscious patterns  work to hold you back, you can begin to break  them. Depression and anxiety originate and are maintained through an intricate and delicate relationship between our mind (thoughts), body ( biology), and behavior. Our environment, life circumstances and family also play a role, as do our genetics.

 However, this website may not be enough to help everyone. Depending on the severity of your depression and anxiety you may require therapy or medication. If you have suicidal ideation please seek help immediately.

What does anxiety and depression treatment look like? How can therapy help?

Anxiety and Depression treatment will teach you new ways to think about yourself and the world. You learn specific behaviors to take care of your body and your brain in ways that lean you more towards happiness and health. It helps you see how your learned behaviors and patterns of dealing with stress may be exacerbating your condition.

Do I need a therapist?

You may not need a therapist. It may be that after exploring these pages, and other self help resources, you can do your own anxiety and depression treatment! However, it's hard to make changes. The persistence and motivation required to be happy is great. A therapist can help you sort through and focus on what will help, make suggestions about medication or natural treatments, and provide you with the support and cheerleading necessary to beat it!


If you are wondering if you are depressed, you will find information about depression warning signs , physical symptoms of depression, special kinds of depression such as seasonal affective disorder and reverse seasonal affective disorder and information on  situational depression. Wondering if alcohol and depression are a problem ?click here

Self help for depression information can be found here, and information on dealing with anxiety and depression, here.

Having trouble getting out of bed? Learn some tips.

If you are interested in exploring natural ways to heal information on vitamins for depression can be found here.   Also, find some information on how to survive depression right here.

Need help with family members? Learn about depression and relationships why depression hurts and what we know about depression cures.

Depression in women presents special issues. Learn about post partum depression here.

Explore a little further because if you are experiencing depression, it's likely anxiety has gotten a hold of you too! There are many pages on an abundance of issues and new ones are being added every day.


A common issue in anxiety is panic attacks .  Panic attacks can sometimes rise to the level of panic disorder. They consist of sudden periods of fear and accompanying physical symptoms. Caffeine can often exacerbate panic and information on that relationship can be found here., panic attacks can impact your heart rate and it is discussed here. Learn more about medicine for panic attacks here, the impact of the thyroid on panic here, and self help for panic here

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety often goes undiagnosed, and may not look like you think.  At the core of social anxiety is the fear of being judged by others. Here is information about social anxiety, social anxiety in teens, it's treatment, its causes and types the relationship between social anxiety and anger, social anxiety and depression, and also natural treatment of social anxiety.

Generalized Anxiety

Generalized anxiety is worry about everything! It is constant and relentless and is always present. Click here for some information about natural remedies for anxiety, acupuncture for anxiety, anxiety self help tips, and for information about alcohol and anxiety click here.

Anxiety at night is a big problem learn all about it here.

Looking for  information about anxiety after drinking? You can find that  here.

Learn about facts about generalized anxiety, lexapro, seroquel,  causes,it's treatment,  and symptoms.

Learn about rumination is a big contributor to both anxiety and depression.

Learn about post election anxiety something that has been happening a lot in this country.

OCD is an anxiety disorder consisting of compulsions and obsessions. It is  highly treatable with exposure and response prevention therapy learn about

All about it and getting help


Anxiety and depression treatment require an understanding of how to reduce, cope with and manage your stress in relationships, the workplace, and your family. Learn information on the definition of stress, how we all exacerbate stress and anxiety, information on the main things we do to cause ourselves stress.

Find out about stress and anxiety disorders here.

Find information on work stress,and how Corporate speedup contributes to it.

Stress can manifest itself in your body. Click  here for information on stress and hives and tips on how to help yourself with stress during the holidays.

Need  a stress reducer game find that here?

Or learn about mindfulness meditation, mindfulness activities,  and self compassion and how they can help you to manage stress.


Learn about trust issues, codependency, asking for help, assertiveness, criticism and advice in relationships.

Other issues  to focus on when working on decreasing anxiety and depression include increasing your happiness, mindfulness, and self compassion.

Learn More about happiness:

Perfectionsim and happiness

Money and happiness

Self compassion and happiness

Acceptance and happiness

Being happy

How are others happy?

How you can feel happier

Defining happiness

What causes happiness

Pretending to be happy

Patience and happiness

Fear of failure and happiness

This website is under construction. Please feel free to return each week as I will be adding new pages

My Practice

My therapy office is located at: 5200 Park Road Suite 117

Charlotte North Carolina 28209

(P)704 523 0112 

I currently offer the following services

  • Treatment for adolescent girls and women only coping with all forms of anxiety, depression. or bipolar disorder 
  • Consultation for parents who have children with depression and anxiety
  • Treatment for women struggling with stress, codependency, assertiveness, self esteem, relationship and workplace issues

Please enjoy this website and feel free to contact me at

Medical information obtained from this website is not intended as a substitute for professional care or professional anxiety and depression treatment. If you have or suspect you have a problem, you should consult a health care provider.Thanks for visiting!

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Medical information obtained from this website is not intended as a substitute for professional care or professional anxiety and depression treatment. If you have or suspect you have a problem, you should consult a health care provider.

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to email me at
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